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Major League Soccer (MLS)

Everything you wanted to know about America's MLS and its fantasy leagues

Week 10 MLS Player Picks: Defensive Double

The quality of the teams included in week ten’s double game week will ask the question of whether there are any attacking players suited for fantasy selection.

Week 9 MLS Player Picks: Make it a Double

A full roster of DGW players can be had this week, with ten teams participating. How managers choose between the star-studded player pool could make this a big moving weekend among the ranks.

Week 8 MLS Player Picks: The Singularity

All eyes and armbands will be on the backs of LAFC players in week eight. Finding differentiation with two teams on a DGW will be pivotal for managers looking to get ahead.

Week 7 MLS Player Picks: Part Two

Cancelling two DGWs has reopened many fantasy options, as nearly all players face a solitary 90 minutes in week seven.

Week 7 MLS Player Picks: Part One

With the first double game-week finally here, navigating the player selection pool becomes pivotal for the early week action.

MLS Week 6 Player Picks: Intuition, Gumption, and Guile

Managers will have to rely on fantasy tactics and proper analysis to navigate a condensed round of scheduling. GW-6 will present the first opportunity for managers to deploy the autoroo.

Week 5 MLS Player Picks: Many Happy Returns

As MLS players return from international duty, fantasy managers will happily welcome a return to a full slate of scheduled games.

Week 4 MLS Player Picks: International What?

Major League Soccer continues it recent trend of playing through international breaks, as the rest of the world takes a pause.

Week 3 MLS Fantasy Player Picks: Imbalance

Week three sees every MLS team scheduled to take the field, but there is a decided imbalance between the quality of the fantasy potential from Saturday to Sunday. Navigating that span will be the key to success.

Week 2 MLS Fantasy Player Picks: The ‘-roos’ is up!

Prior to week two, we dig into the tactics toolbox to prepare managers to more strategically navigate the rolling lineup lock.

Week 1 MLS Fantasy Player Picks: Noobs

The deadline is upon us; let’s launch!

Never Manage Alone MLS Fantasy Launch

The Major League Soccer season launches on March 2nd. Sign up for the MLS fantasy competition and join the NMA league!

Scouting Report: Newcastle Break the Bank for Miguel Almiron

Newcastle United’s club-record transfer brings all the qualities that appeal to every fantasy manager’s appetite for points.

MLS Player Picks Week 35: An Ode-acious Effort!

A quick review of the most influential story-lines of MLS fantasy in 2018, plus player picks to cap off the fantasy season.

MLS Player Picks Week 34: Adieu DGW

We look to double-up one last time in the season’s last double game week.

MLS Fantasy Player Picks Week 33: Alchemy

This week managers look to make fantasy gold from assets that would be cast aside in a standard fantasy week.

MLS Fantasy Player Picks Week 32: Fundamental

Without having to fuss with double game week teams, week 32 presents managers with a return to the fundamentals of MLS fantasy.

MLS Player Picks Week 31: Thoroughbreds

As we race to the wire, which fantasy assets should we saddle up in our run for the roses?

MLS Player Picks Week 30: Fringe Benefits

Managers have been blessed with plenty of talent for week 30 of the fantasy MLS campaign. But, who are the fringe players who could make the greatest difference?

MLS Player Picks Week 29: JUICY!

Week 29 is loaded with an abundance of lopsided match-ups. Here is how I have narrowed down my choices for this game-week.

MLS Week 28 Player Picks: The Usual Suspects

In a microscopic fantasy slate, relying on the big names will be key. But, who are the lower priced players capable of making an impact, and stretching your budget?

MLS Week 27 Player Picks: Peeling Back the Curtain

In a double game-week with stodgy Wednesday Night fixtures, the key to big returns may be found by exploiting the weekend fixtures.

MLS Player Picks Week 26: Place Your Bets on (NY) Red

Managers will be looking double up via the premium assets of New York Red Bulls, on a DGW. But, where else should managers place their fantasy roulette chips for game-week 26?

MLS Week 25 Player Picks: Twin-Bills Come Due

Scouring the the six double game-week teams to find players to help managers make a charge up the overall standings.

The Olimpico: MLS Week 24

Unearthing the best of the budget-saving players in MLS Fantasy for game-week 24.

MLS Week 24 Fantasy Player Picks: Accruing Wealth

The fall season’s first double game week is just around the corner, but there is still one week to build your bankroll and pile on the points.

Week 23 MLS Fantasy Picks: Fall Season Launch (Fall Week 1)

With an exciting Major League Soccer All-Star break in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to navigate the mid-season MLS Fantasy reset in search of maximum points and value.

Wayne Rooney is Headed from Everton to MLS and DC United

You can officially wave a fond farewell to the former England and Manchester United star as he unofficially follows a well-trodden path in jetting over to American shores.

Week 13 MLS Fantasy Picks

An abbreviated round sees only 12 teams in action this round. We'll help you make the most of your transfers ahead of the international break.

Week 11 MLS Fantasy Picks

The double gameweek last round proved worthwhile for those of you who were able to bring in players with two matches, as 9 of the top 11 points earners for the week were double gamers. Now we're onto yet another double week.

Week 10 MLS Fantasy Picks

This is the Double Game Week we have all been waiting for, right? Right?

Week 8 MLS Fantasy Picks

The big double week is here. Have you set your team up for success?