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Match Day Live

Live chat during matches to share the excitement and discuss whom to buy on the "Barn Door" (buy before fantasy prices change).

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Day-13 Friday Live Chat

Friday the 13th... day of the World Cup. Whose luck will run out?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Day 12 Thursday Live Chat 

Lots to play for in the final games of Groups E and F!

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Day-9 Monday Live Chat

Today’s campaign presents the giants of football playing to make another statement!

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Day-8 Sunday Live Chat

Day-8 includes a tasty fixture between two previous champions!

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: Day 6 Live Chat

Time flies! Here comes MD-2 of the 2022 World Cup, so update your fantasy team and chip strategy already!

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: Day 5 Live Chat

Brazil, Portugal, Ghana and Uruguay in action on day 5 of MD-1

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: Day 4 Live Chat

We have Croatia, Germany, Spain and Belgium in action today!

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: Day 3 Live Chat

Two of the favorites appear in Day 3!

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Day-2 Monday Live Chat

It’s the first multi-game day of World Cup 2022 with some big names and big early games!

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: Opening Day Live Chat

Qatar hosts Ecuador on the opening day of the 2022 FIFA World Cup!

EPL GW-16 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

It’s the last game-week before the commencement of the World Cup!

EPL GW-15 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

We’re back after another week of European football!

UCL MD-6 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Four more Round of 16 spots will be filled on MD-6 as UCL concludes the group stage.

EPL GW-14 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Just three more game-weeks before the (World Cup) mother of all international breaks

UCL MD-5 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

The qualification spots are up for grabs, with some groups building towards a fantastic finale on MD-6!

EPL GW-13 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

We have a normal set of 10 games, but beware of teams with an eye on Europe.

EPL GW-12 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

A Tuesday deadline and no games for City or Arsenal — are you ready?

EPL GW-11 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Check out what the Premier League’s action-packed weekend presents to us!

UCL MD-4 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

MD-3 reverse fixtures are in store as Europe proceeds with its busy schedule.

EPL GW-10 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat 

Hard not to talk about Haaland, but there are other players, and you can only choose Haaland once per team. So let’s preview the matches and see who’s available.

UCL MD-3 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

UCL MD-3 starts today. Buckle up for an exciting ride!

EPL GW-9 FPL & Fantrax Live Chat

Following the interminable break, the Premier League is finally set to present a full raft of fixtures including some fascinating derby clashes over the weekend. Join us!

EPL GW-8 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

The Premier League starts the weekend on a Friday with three matches postponed

UCL MD-2 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Second match-day, second chances, and postponement risks are all headlines for UCL MD-2.

UCL MD-1 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Ready or not, MD-1 is here!

EPL GW-6 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Join us to see what the Premier League’s action-packed weekend presents to us!

EPL GW-5 Tuesday Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Premier League action is right around the corner again!

EPL GW-4 Live Chat

Beware the quick turnaround to GW-5!

EPL GW-3 Live Chat

NMA - EPL GW-2 Live Chat

NMA - EPL GW-1 Live Chat

The Premier League weekend starts today!

UCL Final: MD-13 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Real Madrid takes on Liverpool in the UCL final in Paris