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Official Fantasy Game

Watch-lists and strategies for picking players (and using chips) in the official Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

NMA Reader Poll: EPL GW-3 Best FPL Captain

Whom do you think should wear the armband this week?

Rate My Teams: FPL & Fantrax EPL GW2

A poor start for me, but we move forward.

EPL GW-2 FPL Player Picks

With Round 1 of the FPL campaign complete, it’s time to starting thinking about Round 2.

NMA Reader Poll: EPL GW-2 Best FPL Captain 

Have your say on who is the best captain punt for this week

Staff Poll: Best FPL Captain for EPL GW-1

See where our staffers plan to place their armbands for this season’s opening weekend.

FPL Player Picks for EPL GW-1

Bring on a big first game-week!

The Best FPL Forwards At Every Price Point for EPL 2022-23

Are forwards finally ready to lead the way?

The Best FPL Midfielders For 2022-23 At Every Price Point

Let’s review the midfield dynamos who will pull the strings and rake in the points during the 2022-23 EPL season.

Best FPL Defenders for EPL 2022-23

FPL is set to fire up once again, so check out our top FPL defenders at each price point for the 2022-23 campaign!

The Best FPL Goalkeepers for 2022-23

As the 2022-23 season fast approaches, let’s take a look at the top keeper options at each FPL price point.

10 Questions for FPL 2022-23

Pressing queries that every FPL manager needs to ask and answer while assembling teams for the upcoming campaign.

Why Erling Haaland Will Probably Be A Bust In 2022-23

Everybody is rushing to add the exciting Manchester City newbie to their fantasy teams. Here is why avoiding the young star will likely turn out to be the wiser move.

The 2022-23 Rules Changes You Need To Know (and some you really don’t) For Real-Life and Fantasy EPL

There are changes in store for the 2022-23 season. Let’s see how they might influence your fantasy league decisions... and viewing as a fan!

EPL Transfer Spotlight: Tottenham’s Richarlison

The Brazilian attacker moves over from Everton to Spurs. What value does he bring to his new team?

UCL Fantasy Final — Rate my Team

It’s the final! With just one more MD left, I’m hoping to get my moves right. Please let me know what you think of my plans.

Staff Poll: Best FPL Differentials for EPL GW-38 

Last roll of the dice!

EPL GW-38 FPL Player Picks

It’s the last day of the Premier League season

Staff Picks: Best FPL Differential for DGW-37 + Reader Poll

Players with <5% ownership in FPL who should be on your shopping-list for DGW-37

EPL DGW-37 FPL Player Picks

With the Premier League season in its end-game, DGW-37 presents five teams with doubles

Rate My Teams: FPL & Fantrax EPL DGW-36

In the last mile. Advice welcome!

EPL GW-35 FPL Player Picks

FPL returns with a single game-week

EPL GW-34 FPL Player Picks

The table is tight at both top and bottom! Not much time left in the season, so every pick counts.

GW-33 FPL Player Picks

Another mini-double!

GW-32 FPL Player Picks

At last we have a week of single games for all!

EPL GW-31 FPL Player Picks

It may be only a mini double, but they all count!

Staff Poll: Best FPL Differential for GW-31

Looking for a player who can set you apart from the pack? Step inside.

Best FPL Strikers for the Run-in

Can FPL strikers lead the charge?

Best FPL Midfielders for the Run-in

Let’s look at the creative midfielders who can give you tons of returns!

Best FPL Defenders for the Run-in

What defenders are you looking for to get your through to the end of the season?

Best FPL Goalkeepers for the Run-in

We look at the shot-stoppers who can bank you lots of points!

EPL GW-30 FPL Player Picks

A mini game-week ensues

Rate My Teams: FPL & Fantrax EPL DGW-29

Check out my teams for this double game-week!