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Pre-Deadline News/Chat

The latest news and rumors encouraging fan conversation / questions / "final" lineups as we approach the deadline(s) for our favorite fantasy premier league formats. Our community's best work is in the comments when the pressure is on!

EPL GW-13 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat 

The Premier League presents another round of blockbuster fixtures!

EPL GW-12 Pre-Deadline Chat

The Premier League is back

EPL GW-11 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

The Premier League is back with another blockbuster round of fixtures this weekend!

 EPL GW-10 Pre-Deadline Chat

GW-10 is here. Check out the matchups and injuries before hitting save!

EPL GW-9 Friday Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

We’re back with a Friday deadline in a game-week when Newcastle moves on to pastures new.

EPL GW-8 Pre-Deadline Chat

Recent international duty will strain a few clubs. Check here for last minute news!

EPL GW-7 Pre-Deadline Chat

GW-7 presents us with two title-contenders battling for the top spot!

EPL GW-6 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

GW-6 kicks off with two title heavy-weights going head to head.

EPL GW-5 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

The Premier League is back with another blockbuster round of fixtures this weekend!

EPL GW-3 Pre-Deadline Chat

The Premier League is set to offer another roller coaster ride this weekend!

EPL GW-2 Pre-Deadline Chat

Fixture-by-fixture injury reports & predicted lineups

EPL GW-1 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

A preview of all GW-1 fixtures, including team-by-team injury reports

Euro 2020 Final: Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Preview and prediction of the Euro 2020 final

Euro 2020 Semifinals: Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Will the English reach their first UEFA Euro Finals ever?

Euro 2020 Quarterfinals Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

A review of R16 results and a preview of the quarterfinals!

Euro 2020 Round of 16 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Previews and Predictions for the Euro 2020 Round of 16 fixtures

Euro 2020 MD-3 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat 

The European championship group stage is enters the endgame!

Euro 2020 MD-1 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Come on in at NMA’s FPL & Fantrax Virtual Pub and pour yourself a pint — We got the game on!

EPL GW-38 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat: Shootout at the FPL & Fantrax Saloon

Preview of Premier League last round of fixtures, predictions and every other thing you need to know about the last round of fixtures

EPL GW-37 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Fans return as the final stage of the Premier League is set; let’s make those decisive calls in the world of fantasy!

EPL GW-36 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

It’s crunch time as we get into the final three game-weeks.

Fantrax EPL GW-35b Player Picks and Pre-Deadline Chat

We get a bonus Fantrax transfer window featuring confirmed lineups for Tuesday’s Man United vs Leicester kickoff

EPL GW-35 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Triple game-week? You heard it right, the Premier League presents the Friday deadline of the triple back-to-back fixtures!

EPL GW-34 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

We’re back to near normality with a full game-week but a Friday deadline

EPL GW-33 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Spurs v City out for the League Cup final, plus two other blanks leaves us eight PL fixtures starting on a Friday deadline

EPL GW-32: Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

GW-32 features a bye for Crystal Palace and a double for Tottenham. Step inside for match overviews and team news ahead of the fantasy transfer deadlines.

EPL GW-30 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

We’re back with a normal Saturday deadline after the international break.

EPL GW-29 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Only eight teams play in our second major blank game-week of this season.

EPL GW-28 Friday Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Another week of the Premier League football that will make the top-four spots and the relegation battle even more interesting!

EPL GW-27 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

We’re back to mostly single games after a busy bumper DGW last time out.

EPL GW-26 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Pre-Deadline & Live Chat — FPL & Fantrax EPL GW-25

Join us for another (Lite) double game-week!