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Premier League

Everything focused on the Premier League's rules, organization, history and league cup, including all PL fantasy formats.

EPL GW-23: Rate Our FPL and Fantrax Teams

Two of NMA’s staffers seek your guidance for their GW-23 squads. And feel free to borrow their ideas as well, of course!

EPL GW-23 FPL Player Picks

Midfielders and defenders continue to lead the way for FPL managers

EPL DGW-22: Rate My FPL and Fantrax Teams

My DGW-22 plans are an open book; I hope you enjoy the read.

Africa Cup of Nations

What the January tournament means to you and your EPL fantasy teams

The NMA-11 Cup Qualifying

Our second cup of the year will be starting soon — How have you qualified?

FPL New Year’s Resolutions

As the calendar turns, what changes to life cum fantasy footy are in order?

EPL GW-21 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Welcome to the first fixtures of the New Year! Not without postponements, of course.

FPL Double GW-21 Player Picks: New Year’s Eve Edition

The festive period’s final round of fixtures now promises late doubles for Brentford, West Ham, and Everton.

EPL GW-20 Pre-Deadline Chat & Live Chat

Uncertainties continue as two more games get postponed in GW-20

EPL GW-20 FPL Player Picks

The turnaround window is vanishingly short, and COVID has made team selection treacherous.

EPL GW-19 Pre-Deadline Chat: Christmas COVID Chaos

The Omicron surge continues to upend the world of sport

NMA Blog Cup 2021 - The winner is announced

20 teams qualified, but there’s only one winner!

Fantrax EPL GW-19 Player Picks

COVID continues to blow holes in our fantasy teams. If you’re shopping for replacements, step inside.

EPL GW-19 FPL Player Picks: Delayed Transfers

Managers are advised to delay their transfer deals for as long as possible.

FPL Grants Extra Free Hit Chip

NMA Blog Cup Semifinal Results

The 20 finalists are decided!

EPL GW-18 Fantrax Player Picks

Trying to predict the best player picks in a week when anything can happen.

EPL GW-17 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

One fixture already postponed and more in doubt due to Covid-19

Fantrax EPL GW-17 Player Picks — Tuesday Deadline!

But we might see SIX confirmed lineups first!

FPL GW-16 Player Picks — Friday Deadline!

Midfielders look primed to lead the way this weekend

NMA Blog Cup Quarterfinal Results

It’s getting tougher — Only 32 teams make it through

EPL GW-15 Live Chat

A new era begins at Old Trafford today

EPL GW-14 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Man United hosting Arsenal headlines a midweek round of Premier League fixtures

Fantrax EPL GW-14 Player Picks

Time is short if you’re in the market for players ahead of round 14.

EPL GW-13 FPL Player Picks

Premium defenders look set to maintain dominance

NMA Blog Cup Round 4 Results

We’re down to the last 48 teams — Are you through?

NMA Reader Poll: Best FPL Forwards for the Next Six Weeks

Top five forwards for the upcoming six FPL game-weeks

NMA Blog Cup Round 3 Results

Pressure is building after another 25 teams are eliminated

Reader Poll: October EPL Manager of the Month

Four managers stood out from the pack. Whom do you think should be EPL manager of the month?

Reader Poll: October EPL Player of the Month

Which October star gets your vote?

EPL GW-11 FPL Player Picks (Friday Deadline)

Is it time to stock up on Chelsea and Arsenal Assets?

EPL GW-10 Live Chat 

Make or break week for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?