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Premier League

Everything focused on the Premier League's rules, organization, history and league cup, including all PL fantasy formats.

Best FPL Midfielders for April

Whether your midfield needs a total rehab or just has a hole to plug, we have the solutions.

Best FPL Defenders for April

Looking to beef up your back line after the break? Check out these defenders with high potential for returns in April.

Best FPL Goalkeepers for April

Let’s take a look at some of the best FPL netminders for the month of April

NMA-11 Cup: Round 3 Results and Round 4 Draw

Have you made the last 32?

EPL GW-28 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

It’s a tough week with only 14 teams playing.

EPL GW-28 FPL Player Picks

We need to pick around the blanks this week

Best EPL GW-28 FPL Differentials

Which players can help you stand out from the crowd in gameweek-28?

EPL GW-27 Pre-Deadline Chat

Injury and suspension news ahead of the mini ‘double’ fixtures!

EPL GW-27 Fantrax Player Picks 

Four teams play twice and everyone else plays once. Simple!

EPL GW-27 FPL Player Picks

It’s doubles again!

NMA-11 Cup: Round 2 Results and Round 3 Draw

The top teams enter the competition - does that include you?

EPL GW-26 Live Chat

The Reds host Red Devils at Anfield

EPL GW-26 Pre-Deadline Chat

Back to single game-week normality!

Best EPL GW-26 FPL Differentials

Whom could push you forward this week?

EPL GW-25 Live Chat

Six games on Saturday make it a full day!

Rate My Teams: FPL & Fantrax EPL GW-25

Every week is a new beginning....

EPL GW-25 Friday Pre-Deadline Chat

Four teams have double games in Round 25 while another four teams will have no matches! Will you make the right moves this week?

GW-25 Fantrax EPL Player Picks: Friday Deadline

Finding the best bargains among the doubles!

EPL GW-24 Live Chat

Eight games on Saturday make it a full day

EPL GW-24 Pre-Deadline Chat

Injury and suspension news ahead of game week-24

Best EPL GW-24 FPL Differentials

Round 24 returns us to regular programming with no doubles. Step inside for a look at a few players that could help you counter your rivals!

NMA-11 Cup: Qualifying Round Results and Round-1 Draw

The cup has started — are you in?

FPL & Fantrax EPL GW-23 Live Chat

The Gunners take on Manchester City

EPL GW-23 Pre-Deadline Chat

A small double but a massive final fixture!

Best EPL GW-23 Differentials 

Double differentials!

EPL GW-23 FPL Player Picks: Another Mini-Double!

This week presents us with a second consecutive mini-double. This time it’s Arsenal and Manchester City!

EPL GW-22 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Manchester United and Leeds have a mini-double this week!

Rate My Teams: FPL & Fantrax EPL GW-22

Time to mix things up for this double!

EPL GW-22 Best FPL Differentials

Some thinly-owned names that could set you apart from the pack in GW-22

EPL GW-22 FPL Player Picks: Friday Deadline

We have a mini-double for Manchester United and Leeds!

FPL Overall Cup Competition: Stayin’ Alive

The massive tournament enters the 7th round and I am still kicking around. Can my luck keep on going?

The Fantrax NMA-11 Cup: Qualifying

Qualification is now complete for the second Fantrax cup of the year — Are you in?