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Premier League Preview

Preview the Premier League's matches for the upcoming fantasy game-week

EPL GW-1 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

A preview of all GW-1 fixtures, including team-by-team injury reports

Pass or Shoot: EPL GW-6 Fixture Analysis

An early look at the best investments for your sides in game-week 6

Scouting Report: Fulham

After a year away, Fulham won the Championship Play-off Final to return to the EPL. We take a look at their prospects and potential for the new season.

EPL Game-week 32+ - Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Game-week 31 may have just finished; however, the games continue to come in thick and fast.

Week 38 Premier League Fantasy Pre-Deadline Chat

It’s the last time to get pre-deadline jitters and bite your nails with worry, so let’s run down the latest injury/suspension/line-up news and speculation ahead of the grand finale!

Week 35 Fantrax Player Picks: Glass Half Full

It’s a miniature week with only six games, so raise your roughly half full pint glasses and wade through the teams that are playing to refresh your fantasy teams!

Week 34 Togga Player Picks: Single/Double Game Confusion

Many of us were expecting a frenetic double game week 34. But while a double may be in store elsewhere, it’s only a single for Togga!

Week 33 Fantrax Player Picks: Calm Before the Storm

We’re in pacific waters with a normal 10-game slate before things again become choppy in GW34. So you can sail easy for the most part, but you’ll surely want to keep a weather eye out toward the horizon and make a few changes to your fantasy crew.

Fantrax Player Picks: GW 32

My menu of suggestions for your GW 32 Fantrax squads

Staff Picks: Star to Avoid in GW32

We all love stars because they tend to be fairly fixture proof, but sometimes disappointment is unavoidable. Which studs may be best to avoid in fantasy this upcoming game week?

Fantrax Player Picks Gameweek 31

Time for you all to make some changes

Monday Live Chat: Troubled Times

It’s a battle of two struggling sides in troubled times, albeit at opposite ends of the table. As Chelsea hosts West Brom, have you risked heavy investment in the home side, or were you scared off by the Blues’ horrid recent form?

Week 25 Official FPL Player Picks

Taking the proper path.

Staff Picks: Best Fantasy Player for GW25

Which star is the absolute must-have for your fantasy teams in the upcoming midweek round of fixtures?

Game Week 23: Monday Live Chat

Positive vibes needed

Staff Picks: Best Fantasy Fixture for GW23

There are certainly several tempting fixtures this weekend. Which is the most attractive for your fantasy investment?

Game Week 22: Monday/Tuesday Live Chat

Better in 2018?

Week 21 & 22 Official FPL Player Picks

Have a plan and buckle your seatbelt, we’re moving fast.

Game Week 14: Wednesday Live Chat

Be Bold

Week 12 Official FPL Player Picks

Heavy up top

Game Week 11 Pre Deadline Chat

Famous wins and disgraceful losses for Premier League teams -- this is how I would characterize this midweek of European football. Will the teams carry their form onto the domestic matches? Let’s try to sort it out now.

Game Week 9 Pre Deadline Chat

We assess three burning #fpl questions that fantasy managers are pondering prior to the deadline.

Pass or Shoot: GW8 Fixture Analysis

International break is almost over, so let’s look at what’s coming in GW8 and where most of the Fantasy value lies

Staff Picks: Star to Avoid in Week 8

Which star should you consider benching or dropping due to poor form or a tough match-up this upcoming weekend?

Week 6 Pre-Deadline Chat: Return of the Defenders!

As we look at injury and suspension news ahead of the deadline, plenty of defenders could return to action. Who among them are likely to start and provide positive fantasy returns?

Premium Player Picks

Lets have a look at the heavyweights who will guide us to glory in the Official FPL game

Staff Picks: Best Fantasy Fixture for GW4

We put all of our heads together — separately — to predict which of this weekend’s games will deliver the biggest fantasy spoils. Which fixtures look promising and which players should you grab?

Questions for Week 4

With an early international break disrupting the flow only three weeks into the season, there are plenty of question marks as we crawl toward GW4

Game Week 2 Saturday Live Chat

GW2’s Action and reactions "as it happens"

Pre Deadline Chat Week 2

Looking ahead to your final deadline decisions

2017/18 Premier League and FPL Predictions

We’ve made our predictions for how the season will play out. Surely you’d love to join in the fun and do likewise!

Rate My Team: Fantrax Focus

You’ve rated Official FPL teams from Stall and Chris, now it’s time to pass judgment on my Fantrax squad