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Premier League Preview

Preview the Premier League's matches for the upcoming fantasy game-week

What Team are You Loading up on in Official FPL?

You may select a maximum of only three players from each EPL team. Which squad is everyone pegging as the most essential one to load up on?

New Kids on the Block: Players on Promoted Teams

Your Fantasy Guide to the Incoming Squads

Week 12 Fixture Analysis

What are the Main Fixtures for Fantasy Managers to Focus on This Week?

Pass or Shoot: Week 11 FPL Fixture Analysis

Which fixtures are primed to bring healthy returns and which ones should be avoided like the plague?

Week 38 FPL Preview: Season's End

Championship? Clinched. Survival? Secured. So, what's left?

Week 37 Preview: Title Race Over, DGW Ahead!

While plans for the Foxes' victory parade are in order, we've got two game weeks left and a number of teams have three games remaining, so there's still plenty of strategizing left. Let's see where things stand in our penultimate game week.

5 Questions for Premier League Week 34

Looking back and looking ahead as we approach the end of the season. Share your reflections on these hot topics.

Week 30 Premier League Preview: Martinez to Blame?

Another half "Matchday" for owners..are you upset yet? Will Martinez ever unleash Everton's full fantasy potential? Why does LVG refuse to play Memphis? These questions and more are addressed in this week's Five Questions For FPL Week 30!

Week 27 FPL Preview: New Strategy for Short Week?

Should you drop all of your players from the teams that are not playing this upcoming weekend or are there some you will you want to hold on to? Fantasy managers need to ponder this and other queries before setting their lineups for week 27.

Week 26 FPL Preview: Leicester Title Favorites?

As we are 12 weeks away from the end of the Barclays Premier League season, let's take a look ahead with some future-focused questions for you to ponder.

Week 24 Pre-Deadline Chat

After a short respite for Cup action, we are back for some nonconventional midweek action. How are you coping with the new injuries and transfers? What matchups have you licking your chops? Who’s your top transfer?

5 Questions for BPL Week 24

There's plenty of other action taking place in English football right now, but the Premier League will be back before you know it. We've got some burning questions for you ahead of next game week.

Week 18 FPL Preview: Is Louis Van Gaal Out?

Will Louis Van Gaal follow Jose Mourinho out the door, and will Mou move to Manchester? Fantasy managers will want to ponder this and other queries before setting their lineups for week 18.

Week 17 Premier League Preview

5 questions to ponder and pontificate on as we approach the weekend's BPL action.

Week 16 FPL Preview: Mourinho Out?

After a weekend full of surprise results, we look ahead to what's next for the Barclays Premier League.

Week 15 FPL Pre-Deadline Chat

Time to make those last-minute team decisions. Ask your questions and share your plans for this weekend in the Premier League.

5 Questions: When Will Vardy Stop Scoring?

Vardy is still scoring, Newcastle is still conceding, Chelsea is still struggling, Liverpool is still moving up the table. We discuss these topics and more in our 5 Questions for Week 15 in the BPL!

5 Questions for EPL Week 13

With the final international break of 2015 done and dusted, many questions have arisen. We have five of them for you to ponder as we resume Premier League action.

Week 12 FPL Pre-Deadline Chat

Which games are you looking forward to? What fantasy line-up quandaries have you gnashing your teeth and biting your nails? Which players do you think will be studs and who will be duds this weekend?

5 Questions For BPL Week 10

With a quarter of the Premier League season completed, we pose five questions ahead of Week 10 for fantasy owners to contemplate. Weigh in with your thoughts!

5 Questions for EPL Week 7

Plenty of talking points emerged this past weekend in the Premier League. We'd love to hear your take on five questions heading into Week 7.

Week 6: Premier League Pre-Deadline Chat

I have a feeling that another unpredictable week is upon us. Time to change some things around...

5 Questions for Premier League (Week 6)

5 questions for the upcoming Premier League action!

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Five Questions for EPL Week 5

After a dramatic close to the Transfer Window, and the first International Break of the EPL season, fans and players alike will be chomping at the bit to get back into some action. But lingering questions still remain for fantasy owners.

Five Questions for FPL Week 3: Chelsea in Trouble?

Following an eventful and surprising Week 2, we take a look ahead around the league to see what trends may be developing ahead of the weekend.

EPL Gameweek 1: Pre-Deadline Chat

The Premier League is back and now is the time to get your FPL squads off to a great start as we prepare for kickoff in the 2015/2016 season!

Rules Overview: Fantrax, Perfect XI & Official FPL

Having trouble getting your Week 1 teams set up in any of the fantasy formats we're covering this season? We've got all the info you need to set your team(s) up for success!

Week 38 Preview: 5 Questions

Its not over until its over and all that. Looking ahead to week 38 we have 5 more questions for you

Week 37 Preview: Five Questions

We've arrived at the penultimate match of the Premier League season. Share your thoughts on relegation, Memphis Depay, the Arsenal-Sunderland double week and more!

Week 36: 5 Questions

Lets give Chelsea the credit due, wonder on squad rotation, Red Devils, falling magpies and your top tips.

EPL Game Week 35: Pre-Deadline Chat

Four more weeks to go. The Champion is all but crowned, but the flames of relegation are burning bright...

Week 34 Pre-Deadline Chat

It's time to get in those last-minute questions for your team as we approach the week 34 deadline. Be sure to help your fellow managers with their final decisions!