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Stats and Trends

Historical results and developing trends in the

Attackers to Target and Avoid in FPL 2023-24

Can we use trends from the past two seasons to identify the forwards and midfielders who look to be undervalued or overpriced for the upcoming campaign?

Looking Back: Staff Predictions 2022-23

I took no part in the staff’s pre-season EPL predictions, so let me guide you through the guesses of those who did.

This stream has:

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Stats and Info Reference Page

Your one-stop shop for key tournament data, updated daily.

Looking Back: Staff Predictions 2021-22

As we imagine we understand this season’s augurs and portents, let’s remind ourselves how that worked out for us a year ago.

10 Questions for FPL 2022-23

Pressing queries that every FPL manager needs to ask and answer while assembling teams for the upcoming campaign.

NMA Guide to Fantasy Euro 2020: Difficulty Tables

Join us for a deep-dive into the Euros’ fixture-difficulty stats

EPL Wrap Up in Numbers

Statistics speak louder than words, so join me to discover what they say about the EPL 2020-21 season!

A Trip Around the League: Winning at FPL with Math

Fair warning, this article is a bit math-heavy, and because you can be sure your mini-league competitors won’t read it, it’ll be your unfair advantage!

Messi vs Ronaldo: Let’s Try To Settle The Debate

We’ve run out of superlatives for these two. They are a class apart, but the question remains: Who’s better? Who’s possibly the best ever to grace a football pitch? Let’s give it a try.

The Year of the PK

The EPL is on pace for a record breaking number of penalties being given and scored this season.

10 Questions for the Upcoming FPL Season

What queries should be mulled over in the quest for success this year?

Spotlight: Aaron Ramsdale

Bournemouth’s former shot-stopper is now Sheffield United’s No. 1. Let’s have a closer look.

NMA Reader Poll: Best EPL Center Back 2019-20

Questions for the Final 10 EPL Game Weeks

There may be no doubt surrounding Liverpool’s impending league coronation, but plenty of uncertainty remains. What questions are there for the rest of the season?

Game Week 23 Pre-Deadline Chat

Historical giants meet, but don’t forget the in form guys at the bottom.

Lessons from the First Half of the FPL Season

What takeaways from the first 19 Premier League games stand out, and how can we apply them to our fantasy teams the rest of the way?

Getting the Most out of the FPL Bonus Points System

How does BPS work, and which teams, positions and players are the most effective at padding fantasy scores?

Week 10 FPL Hot and Cold Players

Let’s take the temperature of the streaky stars after nine games. Which players have heated up, who have gone freezing, and what form should change or continue on?

Five Questions After the First Three EPL Games

What big queries should be on our minds, and how do you answer them?

UEFA Champions League Final Preview

What should we expect between the fight for the Champions League trophy pitting EPL heavyweights Liverpool and Tottenham?

An Early Look at the Three Teams Promoted from the Championship

Let’s take a rundown on Aston Villa, Norwich City and Sheffield United, the trio of Championship teams that will make the jump to the Premier League next season.

Vote: 2018-19 Fantasy Premier League MVP

From a bevy of outstanding choices, who was the fantasy EPL Most Valuable Player this season?

New Tottenham Stadium is Set for its Premier League Opener

After delays and cost overruns, Spurs’ shiny new stadium finally gets its EPL grand opening. What can we expect from the big celebration and beyond?

Splitsville: Statistical Gaps to Exploit for Fantasy Premier League Success

Let’s delve into some key statistical splits and discover how that knowledge can translate into FPL and Fantrax fantasy gains for the remainder of the Premier League season.

By the Numbers: Four Questions

Let’s look up from our fantasy EPL rosters to contemplate four interesting questions

Revisiting the Salah Question: How Many FPL Captain Points Have You Scored?

How many extra points have your Fantasy Premier League captains tallied so far this season? Is it time to rethink team-building strategy regarding Mo Salah and other premium players?

Mathematical Musings: Players Ready for Better Fortune

Pondering some statistical outliers from this season, which Premier League players have endured a bad stretch of luck and should be due some improved fortune the rest of the way?

FPL Game-Week 20 Player Picks: Simple Math

The conclusion of game-week 19 provides an opportunity for managers to perform some long-term analysis leading in to the official start of the second half.

6 Things We Learned from the First Half of the EPL Season

It’s been a wondrous, fun-filled first half of the EPL season. What lessons have we learned, and how can we apply them to our fantasy Premier League teams the rest of the way?

Vote: First Half Fantasy Premier League MVP

From a bevy of brilliant choices, whom do you rate as fantasy MVP for the first half of the 2018-19 Premier League season?

Trip Around the League: November 2018

9 Questions for EPL Week 9 and Beyond

Following the international break, it’s time to ask some pressing questions ahead of the upcoming Premier League weekend. What should Premier League fans and fantasy managers be pondering, and how will you answer these vital questions?


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