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Stats and Trends

Historical results and developing trends in the

Week 8 EPL Fantasy Hot and Cold Players

Let’s take the temperature in Fantasy Premier League. What players are on fire, and who are all wet? What is a mirage, and what’s real?

5 Things We Learned from the First 5 Weeks of the EPL Season

It has been an exciting and illuminating start to the Premier League season. Let’s pause and reflect on lessons learned from the first five games, with a mind to how we can utilize those takeaways for the remaining 33 weeks.

Which National Team are You Loading up on in McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy?

In the official FIFA McDonald’s fantasy game, you may select a maximum of three players from each national team for the group stage. Which squad is everybody pegging as the most essential to load up on?

Vote: 2017-18 Premier League Fantasy MVP

In the end there can be only one

GW32 Togga Player Picks: Return from Spring Break

With spring break... er, international break over, it’s time to get back to reality as season’s end approaches rapidly.

Spotlight: James Ward-Prowse

Southampton is fighting to avoid the drop; can the resurgent midfielder save their season and earn himself England plaudits?

GW 24: Togga Hot and Cold and Player Picks

While familiar names like Salah, De Bruyne and Kane continue their golden ways, a few newcomers like Jordon Ibe are making waves- - and former friends like Theo Walcott are coming in from the cold. The January transfer window? It goes on and on and on!

Mathematical Musings: Players Primed for a Change in Fortune

So far in the 2017/18 season, we’ve had plenty of nice surprises along with loads of disappointing performances. Seeking out some statistical outliers, which high-performing players are likely to see their luck run out, and which duds are due to hit the jackpot after all?

Spotlight: Everton

With a terrible start to the season, Ronald Koeman poisoned the Everton well in both the real and fantasy worlds, but things have turned around under Sam Allardyce. Given the charge led by Wayne Rooney and an improved defense, should you look to grab a handful of Toffees from the flowing Merseyside waters?

10 Things We Learned from the First Half of the 2017/18 FPL Season

There’s nothing like the middle of the frenzied festive fixture congestion to pause and reflect back upon the first half of the season. With 19 games in the books, what 10 key takeaways can help propel us toward second half success for our fantasy squads?

Gameweek 19 Pre Deadline Chat

Just over a week of football, food, drink and fun starts with suspension and injury messing with our sides.

GW 12 Hot and Cold

Some are hot, some are cold. Our love for EPL goes on and on!

Splitsville: Key Statistical Splits from the FPL Season So Far

As in life, things in the sporting world can be wildly uneven. Let’s take a look at a handful of intriguing statistical splits that should offer plenty of insight and help you optimize your fantasy teams.

Spotlight: Claude Puel & Leicester City

It has been an up and down season for the 2015/2016 Premier League champions so far. With Craig Shakespeare now gone and Claude Puel at the helm, what should we expect from this Leicester side? Are they up for a strong return to the top half of the table?

Spotlight: Vincent Kompany, The Most Annoying Fantasy Player in the World

When I think of fantasy poison, it’s all about star Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany. How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways...

Game Week 8: Saturday Live Chat

Liverpool v. Manchester United is the game of the week from a fan’s perspective, but there’s much more in store today with respect to fantasy action!

Spotlight: Welcome Back Watford

After a forgettable season in 2016/17, Watford has jumped back on our fantasy radar, led by newcomers Richarlison and Kiko Femenia along with a few returning players.

Building the Best FPL Team: Lukaku, Kane, Both or Neither?

Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane are two of the most-owned players in Official FPL fantasy. They are also two of the most expensive. Is having both, either or neither of the star strikers the best strategy?

A Trip Around the League or: Hey Mkhi!

Just three games into the season, we have no real basis for jumping to conclusions - let’s jump anyway!

Spotlight: New Burnley Striker Chris Wood

Burnley’s record signing from Leeds United has already paid dividends for the Clarets thanks to a late tying goal at Spurs. Can he provide a healthy return on investment for your fantasy teams?

Spotlight: Time to Load up on West Ham Players?

West Ham has started horribly but now enjoys a favorable schedule for a long spate of games. Should you jump in on the Hammers’ stars or stay on the sidelines?

Pre Deadline Chat Week 2

Looking ahead to your final deadline decisions

What Team are You Loading up on in Official FPL?

You may select a maximum of only three players from each EPL team. Which squad is everyone pegging as the most essential one to load up on?

Top Keeper Picks for Official FPL

We start in net with an underappreciated but important position. Which goalkeepers should you consider for your FPL teams this season?

Week 33 Player Picks: Keep Paying Tribute to the Non-Troll King

Which is more surprising, Arsenal and Everton finding themselves around the same position in the table or Alexis Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku battling it out for the BPL fantasy scoring title?

Week 32 Player Picks: No Rest for the Weary?

It’s been a blur of games. Who looks good at the tail end of a gloriously action-packed week?

Game 31 Live Chat: Midweek Mayhem

The games are coming fast and furious, so buckle up for the ride!

Splitsville: Highlighting Key Statistical Gaps for GW22 and Beyond

Let’s investigate a handful of interesting splits involving pivotal players which should influence your fantasy selection process

Week 13 Fixture Analysis

We break down the fantasy implications of the Week 13 fixtures in the Premier League, to help you select the best fantasy lineups possible.

Fantasy Changes I’ve Made So Far

The Team I had at the Beginning of the Season is Different Than the One I have Now

Top Striker and Midfield Summer Transfer Picks

There has been no shortage of transfer movement this summer, offering plenty of intriguing options on the offensive end to add to your fantasy rosters. Which are your best bets and which might you be better off steering clear of?

Mathematical Musings: Updated Oppositional Charts

Utilizing scoring data from Official BPL and Fantrax fantasy, let's sort out the best opposition to target when making those tough decisions for your captain and for who to enter in your starting line-ups and which players to put on the bench.