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Champions League

News and fantasy league advice regarding the UEFA Champions League

World Cup MD-1: Fantasy Preview

The countdown is nearly over!

UCL Group Stage Retrospective & Round of 16 Draw

Who were the best performers in fantasy? This breakdown brings you the group stage’s best fantasy lineup.

UCL MD-6 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Four more Round of 16 spots will be filled on MD-6 as UCL concludes the group stage.

UCL MD-6 Rate My Team: Limitless Chip Edition

With a thorny matchday restricting my theoretically unlimited options, have I picked the right players?

UCL MD-6 Player Picks

Mind scrambled by rotation? Here are the players who should be on your shortlist for Fantasy UCL MD-6

UCL MD-6 Fantasy Preview

The final group stage matchday is set to take place on the first and second of November as the count down for the World Cup kick off hits 20 days!

UCL MD-5 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

The qualification spots are up for grabs, with some groups building towards a fantastic finale on MD-6!

Champions League MD-5: Rate My Team

I’ve got my eye on some English players for my MD-5 transfers. Are my plans misguided?

UCL MD-5 Player Picks

MD-5 is just around the corner. Want to know the top picks for the week?

UCL MD-5 Fantasy Preview

Five clubs qualified for the knockout stages. How many will follow today?

UCL MD-4 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

MD-3 reverse fixtures are in store as Europe proceeds with its busy schedule.

UCL MD-4: Rate My Team

Back to back weeks of UCL football, but not for one of my keepers!

UCL MD-4 Fantasy Player Picks

Differential picks and a wildcard squad for less than €100 million!

UCL MD-4 Fantasy Preview

The knockout stages’ ticket-booth is openning for a few clubs to claim the first round-of-16 spots

UCL MD-3 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

UCL MD-3 starts today. Buckle up for an exciting ride!

UCL MD-3 Fantasy: Rate My Team

A non-chip draft and a limitless draft for MD-3!

Fantasy UCL MD-3 Player Picks

The MD-3 deadline is just two days away. Here is some food for thought!

UCL MD-3 Fantasy Preview

UEFA Champions League group rankings will take their final shape over the next couple of matchdays.

Black & White & Read All Over: Juventus Blog Q & A

We continue our series interviews, this time with Danny Penza from Black White & White & Read All Over (BWRAO)

Barca Blaugranes: Barcelona Blog Q & A

Want to know the in-depth details about the Catalan club? We interview Gill Clark to share her fascinating thoughts about Barca!

Bavarian Football Works: Bayern Munich Blog Q & A

We head over to Bavaria to interview Tom from the Bavarian Football Works blog!

Into The Calderon: Atlético Madrid Blog Q and A

Jeremy from Into The Calderon: Atlético Madrid Blog shares his insight, knowledge and passion for Atlético Madrid.

UCL MD-2 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Second match-day, second chances, and postponement risks are all headlines for UCL MD-2.

UCL MD-2 Rate My Team

MD-2 is just around the corner! I’m hoping to get my moves right. Please let me know what you think of my plans.

UCL MD-2 Player Picks

Miss out on these differentials at your own risk!

UCL MD-2 Fantasy Preview

Champions League football returns for a second set of matches in which superstars Lewandoski and Haaland will face their former clubs.

UCL MD-1 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Ready or not, MD-1 is here!

UCL MD-1 Rate My Team

The deadline is approaching — Rate PPQ’s UCL team!

UCL MD-1 Preview & Player Picks

UCL 2022-23 kicks off in two days! It is time to put your fantasy squad together, and NMA is here to help.

How to Succeed at Fantasy UCL: Strategies, Tips, and Tricks from a World #1

NMA’s 2022-23 Champions League UCL Mini-League is Open!

With the EPL now underway and all eyes on the World Cup, you may have forgotten about the Champions League. Well don’t worry, because we haven’t!

Looking Ahead: Staff Predictions for 2022-23

The Premier League is almost back, and NMA’s soothsayers are ready to go on record with their predictions! Join in and free your inner Nostradamus in the comments!