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All articles about the UEFA Euros tournament and its official fantasy game

EURO 2020 Wrap Up

One of the most entertaining and competitive tournaments has come to an end. Italy won for its second time only to prolong England’s long wait for triumph.

Euro 2020 Final: Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Preview and prediction of the Euro 2020 final

Staff Picks: Best Captain for the Euro Final

Unsure where to place the armband for the final? Here’s what our staff members are thinking.

Euro 2020 Final Fantasy Player Picks

The trading window is open, and we have five free transfers. If six of your players survived, then that is just enough to have a full playing squad!

Fantasy Euro 2020 Semifinals: How did you do?

A look back at England and Italy’s journey so far including fantasy prospects for the final

Euro 2020 Semifinals: Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Will the English reach their first UEFA Euro Finals ever?

Euro 2020 Semifinals: Rate My Team

Unlike our last match-day, this time my free transfers will be sufficient for my needs. Here’s how I plan to use them.

Euro 2020 Semi-Final Fantasy Player Picks

It's now or never to use your chips

Euro 2020 Quarterfinals Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

A review of R16 results and a preview of the quarterfinals!

Fantasy Euro 2020: Rate My Team - Quarterfinals

Like most fantasy managers, I’ve been hit by the upset defeats of Netherlands and France. Cue the wildcard!

Euro 2020 Quarterfinal Fantasy Player Picks: Price is No Object

xG- and xA-based player picks for the upcoming quarterfinals, covering both wildcard and no-chip strategies

Euro 2020 Round of 16 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Previews and Predictions for the Euro 2020 Round of 16 fixtures

Fantasy Euro 2020: Rate my team — Round of 16

Detailed chip and non-chip strategies with ELO Difference Index (EDI) analysis for the Round of 16

Euro 2020 R16 Fantasy Player Picks

The trading window is open, and we have unlimited free transfers (plus an extra £5M). Our objective is to reach the final with a full playing squad without taking any hits!

Euro 2020 MD-3 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat 

The European championship group stage is enters the endgame!

Euro 2020 Rate My Team: MD-3

It’s time to get our MD-3 squads in order. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

Euro 2020 MD-3 Fantasy Player Picks

Many are playing limitless chips this round; these picks are for you!

Euro 2020 MD-2 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat: Harry Kane’s Time to Shine?

An review of MD-1 with score predictions for MD-2.

Euro 2020 MD-2 Rate My Team: MiQ

The MiQ fantasy team had an average start in Euro 2020 MD-1. How do you rate my team for MD-2?

Euro 2020 MD-2 Fantasy Player Picks

Players expected to shine in MD-2 of Euro 2020 including captain pick advice.

Euro 2020 MD-1 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Come on in at NMA’s FPL & Fantrax Virtual Pub and pour yourself a pint — We got the game on!

Fantasy Euro 2020: A Tactical Analysis of Each Team

Some teams win 1-0 with rock solid defense. Others win by attack or lose by attacking. Let’s run the rule over our 24 nations to suss out where we should shop for defenders and attackers (and which minnows are invitingly "open"!)

Euros MD-1 Rate My Team: PPQ

MD-1 is nearly upon us, and I’ve got my initial lineup (mostly) ready!

Euro 2020 MD-1 Fantasy Player Picks

Are Ronaldo and Lukaku essential?

NMA Guide to Fantasy Euro 2020: Difficulty Tables

Join us for a deep-dive into the Euros’ fixture-difficulty stats

Euro 2020 Group F Preview

Who will survive the Group of Death?

Euro 2020 Group E Preview

This is not the group of death, but every national team in group E will be mounting a challenge to win from the get go!

Euro 2020 Group D Preview

It has been what? Oh yes, 55 years of hurt for the Three Lions. This time we send a bunch of cubs to do what the alpha males haven’t been able to since 66. Are the group D opponents concerned?

Euro 2020 Group C Preview

Preview Euro 2020 group C: players to watch and the likely outcome of the group

Euro 2020: Group B Preview

Belgium, Denmark, Russia and Finland square off in group B of the Euros. It will be one intriguing group to follow!

Euro 2020 Group A Preview

We take a look at the teams in Group A, kicking off with one of the host nations.

A Guide to Fantasy Euro 2020: The Basics, Plus Tips and Tricks 

How-tos for the fantasy Euros game, plus an exclusive Ease of Fixture (EOF) analysis!


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